Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Adventure" being an understatement...coming to an unexpected hault

Its unbelievable how quickly this past month has gone by. The past week we managed to visit Venice, Rome, Pompeii, and bello sorrento, Cortona (small town in tuscany-BEAUTIFUL! A treasure not yet discovered by tourists) Tuoro, Isla Maggiore, San Marino, Santarcangelo, cervia, cesena. So many stories from that, so little space to write! I attached a few pictures from our side trips, so enjoy that!(also attached a pic of me giving my first talk in rimini!) Once we got back on friday, we did service. We did a 3 hr study with a brother from the cong!!! Do you recall the previous experience that I mentioned about the study with a list of questions? Well, we went back for the next study, and about 4 other nigerians grabbed a chair with their Bible's in hand for the Bible study. It is amazing to see how well they listen and greatly respect the Bible. They all had different questions that kept us on the edge of our seats, very very deep questions about the Bible, which even made me want to do some more research about those topics! They later thanked us and were extremely thankful for us taking the time to explain Bible truths to them.

It has truly been phenomenal working together along with the friends here. Rimini english congregation may be small, but certainly are a strong "army" and have zealous spirit for the ministry! This past month I really had the opportunity to get to know each of them, and honestly feel as if I've known them forever. I will dearly miss them. It is evident how Jehovah is richly blessing the congregation and helping it grow! So many laughs, memories, adventures, tears shared.....I highly recommend for all that have the opportunity to experience serving abroad to do it. This trip has helped me in many ways grow spiritually,emotionally,mentally...pretty much all of the above. Not only has it shown me what qualities I may need to work on, but also how to become adaptable in any type of circumstance that may come my way. Most of all, it has made even more of an impact to me what a beautiful brotherhood we have. I feel as if rimini english is my second family, since that is how they have all treated me. Nowhere else in the world will you be able to have a strong bond and establish a true friendship with people across the other side of the world if it wasn't for this organization.

I cannot EVER thank Jah enough for allowing me to have this experience, along with the rest of you that gave me the support I needed to go through with it. I know this won't be my final trip here, it actually has helped me set even more goals and have a new perspective and outlook on what's to come in the near future. With a new cut, new italian wardrobe, new friendships, new unforgettable memories, this trip has definitely been life changing for me and a perfect end to my summer this year and perfect start for me to get working on all the upcoming goals I have! I hope you all have enjoyed reading my blogs...and there will be more to come with any other trips I do...This was just a start! I'm really looking forward to what Jehovah has in store for me in the near future :)

Being that it will be my last night here...I leave you all now to enjoy wine, more gelato, and piadina. Its definitely bittersweet having to leave...but I know I WILL come back!

P.S. Italy- I will see your beauty once again very soon. Ciao bella Italia!!!!


  1. I am so proud of you! May Jehovah continue to bless your zeal and efforts in expanding your ministry. Hope you have a safe trip home and that you never forget those beautiful memories. Thank you so much for sharing those great moments and experiences! Love you!

  2. Sooo, that first picture is probably my favorite;) But really, how those mountains juxtapose the ocean--so beautiful, and yet so surreal that you almost look Photoshopped into the background! I can't wait to see more. Above all, reading your sincere expressions has been most heartwarming and inspiring. Geova davvero ti sta benedicendo. Baci e abbracci<3

  3. Most definitely Rebecca, I truly appreciate you letting us in your trip abroad. I am so happy you have experienced this, there truly isn't a better way to invest our energies. Continue with the goal setting and determination you have showed and he will continue to bless you like he has done already. Hope to see you soon !!