Thursday, September 8, 2011

First 48 hours...

CIAO EVERYONE! I just got back from my second trip to the airport since my stay here(keep reading to find out why)...Where to even begin? The title to this blog is truly the perfect description...ADVENTURES! The following that I will describe to you has happened within the first 48 hrs of my stay here.

Everything was perfectly fine until....the flight from Boston to Rome, and then the finale Rome to Rimini. The flight from Boston to Rome made the word turbulence seem as an understatement, BUT thankfully my onflight dinner included wine and lasagna for no cost. However, the fun began of course once I realized my flight from Rome to Rimini would be an aircraft sized as a private jet propellar plane with steps to climb up to get to it.(View image)

BUT that was not the best part.....Best part was once arrived at rimini, a short little cute italian older lady decides to help me look for my baggages, since it was a tiny airport and it was only 14 of us in the tiny plane. Then as we are all waiting for the baggages to come out on the belt, only 5 came out....AND THE KICKER: NONE OF THEM WERE MINE!!!!!!! So as I mention this to her, she proceeds to keep looking with me on another belt, then casually looks at me and says casually "beh, it didn't come. So just follow me and we'll file a report." I found it fitting to say this since it was the perfect moment in the perfect place: MAMMA MIA NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! As she gives me the report I ask her if this is common? and she states: yes yes often rome flights dont always bring baggages on time. To say the least, I now knew what it felt to be a vagabond with no other clothes than the one on your back.

THEN-the atm that I needed to use to withdraw euros stated MY CARD WAS NOT VALID FOR INTERNATIONAL WITHDRAWALS. Of course! why would anything work right in the moment that you just found out you won't have luggages any time soon? Meanwhile I'm still without a luggage, I quickly learn in the supermarket is where I can get my essentials which of course was based on my delirium and little sleep for the past 36 hrs..View the items in the picture.....and of course add on brush ups and colgate wisps. LOLOL

However, the friends here have been EXTREMELY HELPFUL. One of the sisters literally gave me a full luggage of her clothes, including meeting outfits, a purse, pjs, cute tanktops and etc. It is truly wonderful to see the kind of international brotherhood that we have! today (09/08/2011) Jenny and I managed to wander about our area and learn different avenues and get our bus passes and etc. It somehow feels as an italian south beach here, we've already ran across many africans in the area, and middle easterns. Also, we've already been given 5 different territory cards in our area (of course as soon as we arrived we received this hahahha they want to get us working) We managed to meet russian sisters doing street work as we were touring the area!!!

a little after 26 hrs later, (it is now 12:40am) I received a call from the airport that my bags finally came over!!!!! I'm extremely relieved and feel like myself again. and better yet: I CAN SLEEP PEACEFULLY KNOWING MY BAGS ARE NOT ANYWHERE IN THE OCEAN OR IN AFRICA OR SWITZERLAND, AND I HAVE CLOTHES FOR MEETINGS AND SERVICE!!!!

ANYWHO we are very excited to go to the meeting tomorrow to say the least to finally get to meet everyone!!!

I will keep you posted on the following days' adventures...hopefully not as adventurous as the first 48 hrs here....


  1. It figures they would lose your luggage! I hope now that you are there things are going more smoothly. Post some pictures of your place!

  2. I can't even imagine your feeling of being told your luggage is nowhere to be found! Thank goodness you got it though! Now you can enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. Now you can say, I've had my luggage lost before. jeje...So glad you got it back. Im glad the little italian sister helped you out. Jehovah provides girl! :) enjoy every moment, especially the winey ones, no pun intended. :)

  4. Hmmm. The worst part for me would've been not being able to get my money. But, I guess you got that straightened out since you were able to buy your essentials (I like that yogurt was an essential). Hope it's smooth sailing from here on out.

  5. WOWW!!! Poor Rebe!!! What an unfortunate mishap but you held it together so well!!! Thats crazy to be in a different country with no bags and no ATM (accessible anyway) Yikes! I had that happen to me (lost bags) but it was on the way home so I know you were definitely more stressed out... ... but so glad to hear that you got them and now you've got an awesome story!! Good for you and luv the pics! Keep the stories/adventures coming!

    PS Love how Sara said the worst part would be not being able to get money LOL I agree Sara! Id be having long conversations with Italian bankers "NO you don't understand I HAVE MONEY! I MEAN DONT THINK I DONT! I DO!" Hee hee